First interview :

” When we arrived in Higher National Diploma, we have an “academic” level.
Since our arrival in the class, we can see a clear evolution in this subject.
Thanks to the acquisition of a new methodology, new words of professional vocabulary and formulas of politeness, we have also learned to write emails and commercial letters.
In addition, we were also able to put these skills acquired during our internship to good use in an international context.
For example, we were able to communicate with clients and/or customers during our different missions.
Indeed, this internship is a good way of practicing our language skills because in our respective companies we do not practice any foreign language.”
Candice and Clémence

Traduction :

” En arrivant en BTS, nous avions un niveau dit « scolaire ».
Depuis notre arrivé au sein de la promotion nous pouvons constater d’une nette évolution dans cette matière.
En l’occurrence, grâce à l’acquisition d’une nouvelle méthodologie, de nouveaux mots de vocabulaire professionnel et de formules de politesses, nous avons également appris à rédiger des courriels et des lettres commerciales.
Par ailleurs, nous avons aussi pu mettre à profit ces compétences acquises lors de notre stage à contexte international. Par exemple, nous avons réussi à communiquer avec les clients et/ou usagers lors de nos différentes missions.
En effet, ce stage est un bon moyen de pratique linguistique car, dans nos entreprises respectives, nous ne pratiquons aucune langue étrangère. “


Second interview :

” Our expectations in languages are totally different of what they present.
Sure, we continue to learn two languages, but we think that it’s important to applicate what we learn at our workplace.
Go abroad allows to discover another country, and we think that it’s important to be in something new.
For example, if you have the project to live in another pays it’s essential to have knowledges of the country or of the language.
But in our formation we are not at this point, and we hope that will change. “
Chloé B & Chloé T